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Breyers Vanilla 1.66L Frozen Dessert

I guess the clue is "Frozen Dessert". It's Definitely NOT Ice Cream.

It is highly toxic. Detergent Aftertaste. Won't digest. Vomiting follows.

November Purchased one from Country Grocer Store. Tossed carton after two bowls of "frozen dessert". December purchased one from SuperStore and tossed it after one bowl full. But this time recorded the production info: Box # 83235074 UPC 058779133207 Both Purchases featured Breyers on sale. Are all Breyers products TOXIC or is the company trying to profit while unloading a contaminated product? Will NEVER buy Breyers again.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "tastes like detergent" of breyers ice cream. Breyers needs to "class action poisoning lawsuit" according to poster's claims.

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stop buying it, ***, it's that easy. and read labels next time

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