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WTF? I've been buying Breyer's for years, and was never disappointed until today.

Why on earth did they sell out and become like every other brand on the market? The new texture is awful and artificial-- so why bother paying more when it is now no better than the cheap, nasty, off-brands? And then to say that it is stiill "all natural" Whatever! Since when did "tara gum" fit in the same catergory as "milk, cream,and sugar".

What, do es Breyer's think we are all idiots?

I will not buy Breyer's again until they change back. For shame Breyer's!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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i have bought breyer's ice cream all my life,loved it because of the non creamy gummy texture.quess i'll have to look for another brand :cry


I just noticed the same thing today with this nasty new Breyer's ice cream. I too remember the commercial where the little kid was trying to pronounce "mono and diglycerides" on the label of a competitor, and we were then told that Breyer's was all natural with no un-pronouncable ingredients in it.

Well guess what Breyer's contains now!!! Mono and diglycerides. And a bunch of other *** on its now mile-long ingredients list. Sorry folks, this stuff is ***.

Oh and it's whipped full of air now. Buh-bye, Breyers!


Sadly the Breyers brand used to be truly all natural ingredients. Now they are the same as the cheapest of brands to me.

The vanilla was not a frozen dessert it used to be an exquisite flavor. Foolish to lose so many customers by quietly changing it from the traditional flavor and taste. Now I can take it or leave it.

It no longer is the primary brand to buy. What a shame...what a loss.


I've been eating Breyers ice cream since I was a kid. My parents always bought it because it was made with all natural ingredients.

It was so healthy that it didn't upset our stomachs like the other brands did because theirs were filled with nasty and/or artificial flavors. I still remember the commercial where the kids where comparing different ice cream brands and they couldn't pronounce words like mono and diglycerides, and they chose Breyers because they had ingredients that they could pronounce which was all natural; milk, cream, sugar vanilla. As I bought a pint of butter pecan ice cream today I immediately noticed that it tasted completely different. I thought it was spoiled but the expiration date said it was ok.

Then I noticed the textured and color was different. The vanilla was yellow and when vanilla ice cream is yellow that means it's fake ice cream with vanilla flavoring. Then I looked at the ingredients and noticed all the new nasty artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colorings; even the ones that were said in the commercial by the kids years ago! They changed the carton and took off the "pledge of purity" and also changed the title to "all natural ice cream" to "frozen dairy dessert".

I couldn't finish it because it was so disgusting. I can't believe this. Breyers ice cream was the only ice cream I bought because it was healthy and was made with real and natural ingredients; milk cream sugar vanilla. I didn't care how expensive it was because I knew me and my family were enjoying a quality product.

Now it tastes like all the other artificial nasty ice creams with 100's of ingredients listed on the back of the carton. I guess my me and my family have to look for another brand because Breyers just lost us as customers.

I'm extremely disappointed. I'm never buying Breyers again.


I thought I was going nuts, so I checked the ingredients...corn syrup? Coconut oil in the "chocolate"...horrible gummy texture that was noticible right away.

Yuk, I'm done with Bryers and it's sad because I've been buying it for years because it was more natural...might as well buy the less expensive, garbage ice cream if it's going to be the same. I hope Bryer's reads these and I'm going to contact them directly as well to let them know. They spend years marketing and building up their product...for what?

To lose their following? Boggles the mind.


I too was wondering what happened. I thought the package I bought was somehow thawed and refrozen.

I bought the Natural Vanilla. Texture was flaky and I could not scoop it into a cone as it constantly broke apart. I went to their website to ask about it and their link did not work, even on this site there was a link to customer service and it did not work. So they lost another customer.

There a plenty of other good brands out there, I would not spend the extra money on Breyer's again. Lack of customers is power.


No more Breyers for my family. We had eaten nothing but Breyers for years but recently realized that the changes to the taste and consistency made it taste like a cheap brand of dessert. I guess that is why they have taken the words "ice cream" off of the packaging." We are very disappointed but can still get Ben and Jerry's that at least has good ingredients


Not very happy.Will never buy again!

Very 1st. ingredient is. Modified milk.Says it all. 18% saturated fat. That should be illegal.Even 5% nowdays is too high to some people.

Taste is not that great.Like comparing butter to margarine,or rel whipcream to airosol one.

Used to tast great years ago.

I'll stick to Chapmans icecream from discount centers.


Good bye "all natural", Bryers ice cream now sucks. We will never buy again!!!


Just bought a tub of butter pecan, my favorite. YUCK.

I thought it spoiled somehow and found they changed. Disgusting.

Had to wash it down the sink. They will be out of business soon I think.


I'm sitting here trying to enjoy my chocolate chip Breyers right now and I can't even finish the bowl. WTH did they DO to it?

It now tastes exactly like every other nasty *** artificial ice cream out there. The texture is completely different, so fake tasting now. It used to be sort of crumbly in texture, now it's...sticky and...ugh, just SO FAKE.

If this is how it's going to be then Breyers is losing my business. YUCK.


And I found mono and diglycerides and corn syrup in the cherry vanilla and butter pecan flavors. They use to be my two favorite flavors!

But after noticing their new gross texture and taste, I had to look at the ingredients. Ewwwww!

I used to be a Breyers snob. Now I need to find a different, real ice cream to buy.


Breyers Ice Cream is now DISGUSTING. My friend had some Extra Creamy Vanilla at his house that he was trying to get me to eat (to get rid of)....tasted so foul. I literally felt like choking on it as it was difficult to go down my throat.