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why does it now contain whey & tara gum, when it used to be only milk, cream, sugar & natural flavor/fruit? They also gyped us out of a full pint, as it was sold in half gallon boxes.

I won't buy any more. If you can't easily find all ingredients in grocery stores, it is not a "natural" product. As with most food items today, quality is lacking. I resent "fresh Meat" advertised that is half frozen.

Fresh means never frozen. Also, all Wal-Mart meat contains "solution" which is nothing more than brine added to make meat weigh more & cost more. Many other grocery stores also sell this sub-standard meat with "solution" added.

Butterball turkeys have this. I do not want any salt added to meat before I buy it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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Can't even find regular chocolate chip in Walmart anymore so started buying the Great Value label. This stuff is almost as good as Begets which says something about Breyers being not as good as it used to be.


I use to love Breyers. Now the size is smaller and the price is higher.

They use to put in lots of choc chips in the mint choc chip breyers ice cream, now very little chips. And less flavoring, Breyers is becoming very bland. No strong mint taste.

And the coffee flavor is very bland.

But the price is outrageous.

I use to only buy it when it is BOGO Buy One Get One Free, but now the price is so high, even a BOGO is too high. Looking for a naturally strong flavored ice cream?


Just had my first breyers in years. Wow.

Disgusting air filled junk. I have never had worse tasting junk in my life.


They say Mr. Breyer used to hand crank his all natural ice cream.

And up to a few years ago it was still good. Then they put the filler in it, cut quantity and raised the price. Now it sucks.

No more for me. Hand crank this Breyer's!


a filler.


I bought butter pecan ice cream with the code JUL 29 12 8 J1/5095.02.38 today in a Los Angeles store. It was inedible.

Sand & Sugar with a bit of cream and pecans is the best description I can think of. It was certainly not ice cream and what I previously thought of as the quality of the Breyers brand.



For 30 years I bought Breyers.

Now they add Tara Gum?

It's just another brand name now, owned by Unilever - nothing like what it was. Bye bye Breyers.


Breyer's Vanilla used to be my favorite ice cream and I'm not that big of a plain vanilla fan. As you stated, it was made with simple ingredients, and even had vanilla bean specs in it.

Tasted the same as any generic brand now. Probably another victim of a food conglomerate making it cheaper.