Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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I have been eating your ice cream all natural since 1958 butter almond in fact it was great since you added other *** to it and made it a dairy dessert it lost the texture and the coldness it is more airy now melts foamy it is terrible I didnt mind the down sizing but the quality is gone take it back like it was I will no longer buy your dessert foam cream .

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Butter Almond Frozen Dairy Dessert.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Breyers Pros: Butter almond ice cream.

Breyers Cons: Butter almond dairy dessert, Texture, Artificial texture of ice cream.

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I was raised on Breyer's in Philadelphia. It was THE best.

I just wanted some of their Orange Ice, but they don't do that any more.

So, I settled on their Creamsicle ice-cream. Vanilla (?) and orange.

Well, the orange was neither orange ice, nor orange sherbet. It was some dyed orange slightly bitter (a la orange peel) mixed into what seemed like flavored Crisco. The white "ice cream" didn't melt, it just sat in my mouth like a wad of fat or some new concoction.

The orange added an orange flavor. But, all in all it was disgusting and NOT ice cream nor sherbet.

I took this mess and put it down the garbage disposal. I'm not wasting calories on eating flavored Crisco. Breyers is no longer edible.


I also bought some unknown brand cream bars.

Mayfield? They were quite nice and satisfying