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This is a review which is specific to one flavor from Breyers. The Cherry Vanilla flavor is as advertised, cherry icecream mixed in with vanilla icecream.

Sadly, the taste comes out to be more like stale sugar, wrapped in plastic-wrap with a faint hint of puke. That is very, very sad as it is HARD to fail with the rich flavors that cherries bring to the table. I'm positive, with this final result, that your company doesn't care, but I would highly suggest going the route of ben and jerrys and adding some almond flavor into your cherry icecream, this would add a much richer flavor. Also, using cherries which are already SOAKED in sugar, in icecream who's second ingredient is ALSO sugar, just after milk, is also a huge shame.

Dark cherries are sweet enough, stop shoving sugar in them before you add them to your sugar stuffed marshmallow whip excuse for icecream. you've overloaded it with so much sugar that all i can even taste is just frozen sugar milk.

Which, again, is such a shame as the dark cherries were given no chance to add to the flavor. Thanks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This cherry vanilla ice cream is HORRIBLE! I thought perhaps my taste buds were off the 1st time I tasted it, but no.

It even smells strange. I ate a bowl, went to bed & woke up sick as a dog! All I could see or taste was the putrid ice cream. Believe me the chunks of cherries were disgusting!

My stomach was upset all the next day. NEVER BUY BREYERS