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Your most recent ad showing on TV these days of parents eating your ice cream and not sharing it with their son, has opened a very deep wound in me. Actually, not only myself but some of my siblings as well.

There are eight children in my family. Growing up, our parents would put us to bed at 8:00pm. Then they would cook a second supper meal just for themselves. These meals would consist of pork chops, steak and other delicious foods.

The smell would permeate the whole house and we would (silently) beg for even just one ***. Each of us promised ourselves that we would NEVER do that to our children. And now here we are watching parents eat your ice cream sundae (which looks delicious) and denying their child even the smallest taste. This makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!

And I PROMISE you I will NEVER, EVER buy your products again, if I see this ad again. A far more positive ad, would be these parents having a freezer full of your different flavors and sharing with their child and all his friends. Ellie address:

I hope you give my comments serious consideration. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read of what your parents did. Growing up, this was common in not only our household, but in the small community we grew up in. However, you are too easily offended but I overlook that because you live in Canada are that seems to be a common mindset up there.