Enterprise, Nevada

Just bought breyers "gellato" for $8.00 wow what a joke it over priced glorified cool whip . I will never buy anything breyers again hello Ben and Jerry's

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I made the mistake of not reading the ingredients before buying Breyers Gelato. Usually, I do but trusted that the same ingredients that go into making true Italian gelato were used.

Apparently, Breyers used the word gelato to suggest their product was authentic, and made without unhealthful additives. Lesson learned.

Sorry to say, I will not buy Breyers again unless their ice cream includes the pure ingredients upon which the brand gained it's good reputation. Very disappointed.


I grew up eating and loving Breyer. Icecream......now I can help you

I bought a container of Choc.

Chip.......I am happy to say I found the Choc chip you have seemed to have misplaced.........it was in my container!,!!! Congrats...you have lost another money paying customer....how sad you do not care