Atlanta, Georgia

I purchased, as i always have, butter pecan box of breyers ice ceam from a retailer which i will not name because i love their store. I was a little more than half into the box when i bit down on something very very hard.

When i pulled i out of my mouth, it was pecan shells and It Broke My Tooth! I called the company immediately about the incident and filed my consumer complaint. They in turn gave me a reference number to refer back to when in two or three days a representative gave me a return call. They Never Did!

I called the company and gave my reference number and guess what? They did not know what i was talking about. The refernce number was not taken in the computer, my name was not taken down, and there was no recoed of me even calling the company! Imagine That!

So i had to give the rep. my information all over again and she kept apologizing to me. Well, they sent me out a package to take to my dentist to fill out,sent a package to send in the bos that the prodect came in, x-rays that i had have taken by the dentist, and the portion of the contents that came from my mouth.(This is what the first reopresentative told me to do in the first place, have x-rays done of my tooth and the estimate of how much the work would cost).So now i have the estimate, the x-rays and the pecan shells ready to send in t the company. So in the meantime they send me what i call a parting gift that says no matter what your dentist says, we are not resposible for your broken tooth.They send me coupons for more ice cream and other products that the company makes.Now does anone out ther feel that they are going to fix my tooth?

No i do not think so! So my advice to all of you, Never ever file a complaint to a company because they will not own up to their mistakes no matter what it costs the consumer in the end! Yes, their boxes have been ever-shrinking and the prices ever-rising, like we would not even notice,huh!I hope they read the complaints again them beause they ned to hear them. We are the one who are buying this stuff so we have te right to complain about it!

If it were not for us , they would not be in business. I will be back with a later update about this to tell you all if they really refused to have my tooth fixed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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Ugh. Just bit into a pecan shell in my Breyers ice cream!

I didn’t break my tooth but it was gross!

May skip this brand from now on. I hope a child doesn’t choke on a shell someday.


Pecan shels in pecan ice cream, wow imagine that. You are assuming they won't pay for your tooth because they sent you some coupons? Will you post an apology here if they do, in fact pay for your dental work?


Definitely do so. Good advice from nikalseyn.


Breyers is a good company, but if they do not do you right, then have the dental work done and sue them in small claims court for the cost of the repair.


The same thing happened to me.... I can not afford to go to a dentist.

I explained that both on the phone and in written letters. I have been ignored for a year. I just wanted my tooth fixed. Nothing else.

I am on SSD, I have no money to go see a dentist. I am so disappointed So after a few back and forth correspondence, nothing. they wont even call me back. I think that maybe i can understand this but I sent them everything including my tooth, pictures, and all the info off the container.

No, they are evil, non caring, and typical money hungry company.

I got screwed by the Bryers Corp, Undeliver, whatever they want to use. I am now a year later living with the pain and tooth loss.