Lawrenceville, Georgia

Breyers Ice cream was good at one time. Now it is *** and a complete rip off from consumers.

Do companies really think the general public will continue to fall for these deceiving ploys to cut costs? Are you really trying to charge 5.49 for 1.5 quarts of whipped cream?

I only bought it today because Publix was selling it for half off and I want my money back. My favorite ice cream was Breyers' chocolate chip but not anymore. To Breyers- I will never pay for your *** whipped, flavored cream again.

I wish it were not so but tis. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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Ice cream is hard as a rock and gritty as sand :(


The only time we purchase this poor excuse for what once was truly great ice-cream, is when it's on sale for $2-2.50. The fact that they whip/aerate it, is purely disgusting.

Generally, we opt for the store brand, nice and chock full of strawberries (or pecans, or... when's the last time you found any strawberries in a carton of Breyers), or the "generic" five quart tub.


I like mama & papa company who are not owned or dictated by the corporate America.kinda like Toms Of Maine Tooth Natural tooth paste it stock it 87 % owned by Colgate.u know what I encourage rare brands from weird places.


No Peaches that corporate ice.that why I say no more government bail outs.dumb company's


im sure they will miss your $5....hope they an find u, so they can beg u to buy their products again :x


Good for you DIMWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :eek :eek :sigh :sigh