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I used to be a big fan of Breyers Strawberry Ice Cream. Not any longer.....Breyers sucks now.

When the container continued to shrink, shrink, and shrink and they whipped so much air into it that I couldn't even get a whole scoop into a cone, without it crumbling all over the place, I said "That's it, I'm done with this *** ice cream."

Mind you, I'm generally a loyal consumer but if a product keeps morphing downhill especially into something totally different, you will lose customers like me.

Trader Joes Premium Vanilla ice cream is yummy and creamy and NOT whipped full of air.

Shame on you, Breyers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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I recently bought some Breyers after an ice cream craving, remembering it as a great brand for the money. My, how things have changed.

I totally agree with the comments below on Breyer's having gone downhill in the past few years. I too used to swear by it, and even tried to convince others it was really the best ice cream (major brand that is) out there. Now it literally makes me sick. The flavors and textures are way off what they used to be, probably due to all of the *** that goes into it now vs.

the simple ingredients that used to make it taste good.

What a sad turnaround from what was once a great product.


Breyer's ice cream is a travesty. It is no longer ice cream.

It is made with the cream o' sum young boy. Also, it seems to contain taint scrapings as well as labia nubs. *** raisins seem to be involved in some of their recipes as well.

And I'm sure their chocolate has anal leakage in in. Bone appetite!


I have eaten Breyers for almost 50years. I worked for them in Phila when I was in college.

NO MORE. Turkey Hill here I come. They have hit a new low for the brand that for years advertised pure ingrediants. Just like the coke experiment that failed.

let's spread the word DONT BUY BREYERS. many of my friends are already on board.


Look closely at the label, they now have "natural flavor" listed as one of the ingredients. Ugh, it's nasty.

Whatever it is it is NOT vanilla, it's this vaguely perfumey, artificial berry flavor which makes the taste completely wrong.

Breyers Vanilla has gone from one of my favorite ice cream experiences to something basically inedible.

At first, the addition of vegetable gum (supposedly to reduce freezer burn, which it doesn't) changed the consistency from this lovely, rich but light ice cream to a gummy mess; then the addition of other flavors which are not vanilla have turned it into a flavor chimera that should not be labeled vanilla ice cream anymore. I am glad to be rid of the stuff.


I have to agree with every comment here along with the review. Breyers has became a parody of itself.

Only a half dozen or so (give or take) of the original flavors are even "ice cream". Most are labelled "frozen dairy dessert" in the USA, and apparently from what someone told me "dairy dessert" or something similar in Canada. Or to put it another way, there's so little cream and dairy products that this is no longer ice cream by definition of two nation's governments. And as others have pointed out, the container size has shrunk over the years as well.

Mind you, many products and brands have done the same thing, but Breyers and Dryers/Edy's are in the "lead" for the most shrinking of national ice cream brands.

I wrote Breyers with regards to these two issues, and they try to claim rising costs for both. Well, instead of ruining your product to where it's almost inedible and a parody of real ice cream, I'd rather pay more if I must due to rising costs.

Or to put it another way, if I am going to indulge in a dessert, don't give me a bunch of addititves and chemicals. Give me a real dessert.


When I opened the carton of rocky road it looked slimy, not creamy.It tasted nothing like Rocky Road, and left an overly sweet and syrupy aftertaste. The carton looked about half the size it use to be too. Breyers used to be such much better than this but not anymore I guess.


Breyers has accelerated the pace at which their product gets worse. The quality of Breyers Chocolate Chip has degraded steadily in recent years but the most recent container is absolutely inedible.

The product now contains corn syrup and several other unpronounceable ingredients. I will never buy Breyers again.


Immediately after easting Breyer's ice cream, my I got a sinus headache. Right now my head feels like some is pounding on it.

I have bought Breyer's for over 20 years, but i won't any more after this experience. I wonder if this ice cream was made from "mad cow" milk.


Immediately after easting Breyer's ice cream, my I got a sinu headache. Right now my head feels like some is pounding on it.

I have bought Breyer's for over 20 years, but i won't any more after this experience. I wonder if this ice cream was made from "mad cow" milk.


What Will Hammond on March 26, 2012 above stated applies to my experience. This is the typical corporate move to debase an otherwise good product.

To Breyer's:

1. It goes without saying I will never spend another dime on your worthless products.

2. I will recommend to everyone I know not to purchase your inferior products.

2. For the sake of the ice cream eating public I hope your company is "terminated with extreme prejudice" via involuntary bankruptcy and your assets gifted to those of your competitors who actually produce all-natural, quality products.


Feel the same way. Bought my first brewers in years.

What godawful junk it has become. Sad what greed has one to food.


I have bought Breyer's for 40 years and "bragged' to friends that it was the best and only kind I would buy. Recently, I have become so disappointed, that it seems like a mortal sin on the company's part for ruining the great Breyer's Brand.

I got some Butter Pecan last week and thought it looked different when I opened the carton. Upon tasting it, I immediately went to the kitchen freezer and looked at the ingredients. There were about a dozen different ones, where there used to be about 4 or 5. Then I noticed on the side of the carton it is now called Frozen dairy Dessert.(not ice cream)

Breyer's will not get another penny of my money.

In fact, they will save me money because now, they are NO BETTER than the cheaper store brands. So, when I absolutely have to have ice cream for birthday parties to go with cake etc. then I can just buy the cheaper brand.( they're all the same now )

I used to eat Breyer's all the time for 40 years, but now it will be easier to diet and lose a little weight every once in a while because I am swearing off of Breyer's and I never liked other brands that much to begin with.....

Gee, thanks Breyer's for helping me keep my weight in check by not eating your products anymore.... but you still suck!


This used to be the only ice cream I would buy, for 20 years or more!

Now it literally and figuratively leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I really liked the way it melted in the bowl. No more ):

One can barely taste the vanilla, much less cream used here, gum added, and of course the smaller carton, come to think of it that may not be such a bad thing.


Wow, came across this, and was so happy to see I am not the only one who used to love Breyers and am so disappointed that they had to get "cheap" on us and fill it so full of air that it melts before it gets to your mouth! Yet, they still charge the same price for this absolute ***! Hope your reading these Breyers.


Breyers used to have about 4 ingredients in it...cream, sugar, salt the ingredient list goes on and on with things that can't even be pronounced.It's WARM too.... I guess because of all the chemicals?

We recently got 2 half gallons (I noticed when I was throwing them out that one even read "NON dairy desert" on the front)! I threw both out and will NEVER buy any again. I read the same company bought Ben & Jerry's...

so I tried some Cherry Garcia & and was AWFUL. I threw it out too.Plus, they hike up the price and give you less- but somehow they made the box look the same size.


Bryer's used to be my absolute favorite ice cream. Nice and dense, great flavor, and no guar gum to thicken it.

Now it's awful... full of air and thickened with gum.

How can they continue to claim that it's all natural? Gave this *** up a long time ago.


Bought apint of Vanilla the other day while others doown size the container Breyers has not ...But what they did do is aerate it and make it taste less . I will never waste a dime on it again Thanks for ruining a good thing !!w