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breyers started adding tara gum and guar gum to their ice cream a few years ago..still calling it all natural...i guess anything found on planet earth can be natural...anyway..it used to be like homemade ice cream..adding guar gum makes it taste like like frozen pudding....i contacted breyers about my disapointment and they responded by sending me a 50 cent coupon for the product i did'nt like anymore...oh, you don't like our product ??...here's a coupon you'll never use...wow !!!..i wonder if the founder of the company would be satisfied with the product they produce today..he would probably spit it out and ask what its supposed to be....

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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I will no longer buy Breyers natural vanilla ice cream as it is no longer 3 ingredients. You screwed up !!!!


do not care what gums are..breyers had a good product and ruined it by adding this..ice cream has ice crystals in it and they add to the texture in what i think is a positive way..adding gums to ice cream makes the crystals smaller turning it into frozen pudding..check any recipe for homemade ice cream...don't think you'll find one that says add some guar or tara gum


i know i will NEVER BUY IT AGAIN! natural ya, it used to be!

it was the best! now like everything else you destroyed it it make an extra buck! well you won't get mine anymore .

you may think people are dumb and can't tell the difference, but your wrong. you can take you reduced box and powder and sell it in china for all i care!


@Tim Thomas: And you missed the point of Dannygaddis' review. As he put it, anything on the Earth can be "all natural".

Strychnine is all natural too, not saying Tara gum or guar gum is nearly as dangerous as strychnine obviously but I don't exactly want that in any food I eat either. He's saying their use of such has ruined the product. I agree. Go read a carton of Breyers, they add a lot more then just the "gums" now anyway.

And quite literally, the product has been ruined to the point of it no longer being ice cream. They honestly can't sell it as ice cream now, just as frozen dairy dessert. How ironic, given their adds in the past that featured someone reading the label of another brand of ice cream and finding the ingrediant list hard to pronounce when compared to Breyers.

So may I suggest you Google Breyers and learn? Dannygaddis has a very legit complaint.


You are aware that guar gum is ground bean powder and tara gum is ground tara seeds? Google what gums are and learn!