Everett, Washington
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I was eating a bowl of Bryers Mrs. Fields Blast ice cream and bit on something hard.

I spit it out to find a small screw. I dumped the rest of the ice cream in the sink and let it melt to find another screw and two metal clips. I sent it to the company to explain, they returned a letter saying it was a retaining collar from silverware found in many households. They claim it was not theirs.

They are lucky I didn't swallow any of it and end up in the ER. The pieces were in the middle of the box, and I only scooped it out with a simple spoon no attachments on my silverware. I did not appreciate the implication that I was looking for a freebie.

I pray it was an isolated incident and no-one else finds any such items in their ice cream or swallows them. Be careful of this brand, I will be from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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Also found silver metal chips in breyers rocky road ice cream


The same thing happen to me about an hour ago. It was a piece of metal as well.

It was about the size of a BB. My daughter said i need to report it to the company but my wife said why bother.

After reading this I know my wife is right. Just glad I didnt chip a tooth.


Her last sentence gives away that this is all a lie, scam.

"Be careful of this brand, I will be from now on"

That means she is actually considering buying this brand again. If this really happened she would not buy the product again.


Your friend just admitted she made all this up to get money from them.


No the posters below you don't work for Breyers, you must have been fired from Breyer's to make such a false claim. You must want to hurt them for firing you.


There was an investigation done and now I have to admit that the screws and metal chips were not in the packaging at all, but I just claimed they were so that I could get money off of them. They want me to retract the review and admit my scam.


Why would anyone assume she was just trying to screw over the company? She didn't get a lawyer and call for a class-action for crying out loud.

She is just simply looking for an explanation and warning other consumers. Deb, just ignore these weirdos.

They are defending a company on a forum where people meet to share their bad experiences with said company. They need lives.


You must work for Breyers.


way to try and scam an ice cream company. glad they didn't fall for it. and i really like the part about how they know exactly what it came from - you.


Thanks for the laugh with this bogus story.