Valparaiso, Indiana

Used to like Breyers Ice Cream because it was all made from natural ingredients. I bought some twice lately and I am very disappointed because it tastes cheap and definitely not natural or even good. Heck, I'd rather buy the generic brand ice cream now.

I think Breyers is nothing but cheap air filled artificial ***. I will never buy another carton of Breyers Ice Cream as long as they keep making this cheap artificial garbage. The ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck that drives around the neighborhood is probably better.

Why change a good thing I didn't mind paying a little extra for better quality. Breyers you messed up. (Tar Gum?) (Whey?) why is that in there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I grew up with Breyers. It tasted great back in the 50's,60's until they were moved out of Philly.

The ingrediates and recipes have been altered. There is no resemblance to the past except the name.

I will not buy anymore. Buy Blue Bell.


Just bought two flavors of breyers ice cream. I had to finish both 1/2 gallons a little at a time.

My wife will not touch it again. I do not know what you people did but you sure creamed up and aerated your ice cream. In short it is almost uneatable.

We will just not buy it anymore.

Turkey Hill is cheap and better. You have ruined your recipe.

It has to be hurting sales. would love to hear a comment from you.


Linda, I wonder which ones you picked up. I have the Natural Strawberry and it is still good but I did notice there are now a whopping 6 ingredients now.

They added Whey and Tara Gum to the old, famous ingredients of milk, cream, sugar, and strawberries.

Tara Gum is a thickening agent much like locus bean and guar gum which their old adds made fun of all the other ice creams using. Although Whey and Tara Gum are natural I think they really lost their high ground by including them.


I totally agree with this person's complaint. I just bought 2 cartons last night of my favorite Breyers flavors.

I scooped a bowl and the ice cream was very soft and tasted terrible, like it was airy. They had to have changed the way they make it. I also noticed this morning that it is no longer called Ice Cream but "Frozen Dairy Dessert".

No wonder it tasted terrible. I will be buying Blue Bell from now on.