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Breyers used to be the only ice cream with natural ingredients. Now they don't even make ice cream -- they just make "frozen dairy dessert." Are people really going to buy this ***?

Do they not know what ice cream is supposed to taste like? I only learned this when I mistakenly bought cherries and vanilla ice cream (what used to be one of my many favorite Breyers ice creams), it just didn't taste right. It wasn't as refreshing. It didn't melt right.

It melted in a kind of foamy way. Only after my first disappointed bowl did I do a little research and find out they Breyers switched to "frozen dairy dessert"

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert.

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I just realized this yesterday. What a disappointment!

I always bought Breyers because it was all natural and now it isn't. :[


Thanks for this information, I was wondering why, when I went to buy a few Breyer's yesterday, they no longer have the "All Natural" on their labels - and saw they are now adding gum.. Sorry, but if I wanted GUM I'd buy a pack of WRIGLEY'S.

First, they started adding milk (ages ago, when I was a kid!), which made the ice cream "crystally" and makes it separate when kept too warm. Then they kept making the sizes smaller and smaller while the price went up and up. But, I still kept buying it because it was still the only natural ice cream on the market, and quite frankly, tastes better than the *** gummy stuff!

Congratulations, Unilever, you've destroyed another previously good product. Hope you go bankrupt. I'll buy Turkey Hill Natural Ice Cream from now on (until some lame corporation buys them out and destroys that product too.)


You will find that all breyers straight flavors are stil called ice cream but made with cheaper ingrediants. Almost all flavors with some sort of inject like oreos or cherries is now the dreaded frozen dairy dessert.

Why change the formula on just the flavors with inject? In hopes that it mask the nasty flavor.

According to our research department people want a low calorie ice cream like frozen dairy dessert versus a full fat ice cream. My personal opinion is that Unilever (corporation who owns Breyers)is money hungry and is cheapening the product to make a maximum profit.


Take heart all former Breyers ice cream fans ... if you are fortunate enough to live in a state with BiLo grocery stores, there is a new brand called "Sweet Dreams" that has only 4 ingredients - milk, cream, sugar and vanilla!

I melts like home-churned and is cold and refreshing. Comes in 15 flavors. I've tried 4 so far and each is as good as the other. RIP Breyers ...

hello Sweet Dreams! (sold exclusively at BiLo)


Same story here. I picked it off the shelf last week thinking it was the same old ice cream.

Now it's a foamy artificial, terrible tasting mess.

Way to cheap out like everyone else. I'm going to return it.


My favorite flavors of old were buttered almond and strawberry , they have changed and have some weird creamy base,not even edible any more-totoallt run of the mill


I loved Breyer's ice cream all my life. Now it tastes horrible!!The texture is unpleasant, too.

What's this "dairy dessert" garbage?

Please bring back the old recipe!!!! :cry


This new dairy dessert is *** foamy sludge. Next I want this quality of dessert, ill throw a box of corn syrup fudgesicles into a bag of stale mini marshmellows. Goodbye breyers!


Everything you said was correct.

It must be a rolling change - the butter pecan I ate in Florida in February was labeled ice cream and it tasted good.

The 'stuff' I bought last weekend was labeled 'dairy dessert' and the ingredients included corn syrup! :-(

I went back and got strawberry, and even tho it was labeled 'ice cream' and did not list corn syrup in the ingredients, it tasted bad - like cheap strawberry flavoring.

I used to get a container a week - now I am done.