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Recently purchased some Breyer's Vanilla, to be used as a base for sundaes. We have not stopped talking about how bad it was.

That is a product we have purchased for many years. What has happened to it? It looked the same, but the texture was soooo off! It does not taste good anymore.

When it goes back to the previous recipe, we will come back to Breyers.

There are many other great ice creams out there and we are not comfortable taking the risk until it is back to normal. $4 to $5 dollars is too hard to part with these days and not be completely happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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October, 2017: I accidentally got the chocolate "frozen dairy dessert." It's so disgusting! One bite and I was googling to find out what went wrong.

This is exactly what they did with their yogurt line, made it "smoother and creamier" with artificial ingredients that made it inedible.

Like the guy who wrote about this terrible decision in the Times, I grew up with willing class parents who splurged I Breyer's when they could.

It meant something as a brand. Now I'm mad that I paid a dollar over smoother sale ice cream because the Breyer's chocolate is (was) better, and not only don't I have ice cream to eat, I'm stuck with this tub of frozen disgusting fake cardboard blandness that's like eating a cold scratch and sniff sticker, it's so flavorless.


I used to love breyers ice cream now it sucks it used to be real creamy and firm now it's gummy and not creamy are local store brand is way better and a lot cheaper


I really hate bryers ice cream!!!! I used to love it!

I'm a mad woman for sweets and ice cream; however, at this very moment there is a almost full box of bryers ice cream in my freezer.

That tells a story right there! Never gonna buy bryers again!


It's so disappointing. Breyer's Vanilla (Bean) was my favorite ice cream.

I had the same experience with my last purchase as Velvet007 had. I knew something was wrong. My family had other favorite flavors but now we don't plan on purchasing Breyers any more.

I'll have to start tasting other brands. Frozen Dairy Dessert just doesn't make the grade.


Just bought some Breyer's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough last night and it was nothing like the original recipe. In fact, they no longer call it all natural or even ice cream.

The package says "Frozen Dairy Dessert". Take a look at the ingredients. They used to advertise that their all natural ice cream was made with just milk, cream, sugar, plus the flavors.

Apparently the basic flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry) are still made with just those ingredients, plus also Tara Gum, and they still call those flavors ice cream. The "fancy" flavors are now "frozen dairy dessert" and have a completely different recipe.


The *** at Breyers just blew decades of good will. I'm calling to demand a refund, and will never buy again.


The cookies and cream tasted terrible. I miss the old breyers.


It is not Ice Cream, any longer... tastes like chemicals !!!

and the texture is terrible !!!


What ever happen to Bryers all natural ice cream. What you are selling is shameful and disgusting.

You don't even call it Ice Cream anymore, you label it Frozen Dessert. Well this is disgusting, I want my old Breyers all natural back.