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Contacted Breyers Company via e-mail regarding Natural Vanilla Cherry being Frozen Dairy Dessert versus Real Ice Cream. If a consumer survey would be conducted, it is very probably there would be a dislike for a fake product.

I have e-mailed Breyers about my concern and awaiting a reply. If I am not advised of where I can purchase Breyers Natural Vanilla Cherry ICE CREAM, I will no longer be a customer of this company. Why does a company downside for MONEY versus maintaining the integrity of the founder of Breyers? Money isn't everything; Integrity and Character is.

I can remember as a young child, what real ice cream tasted like. Breyers you disappoint a lot of consumers who delighted in purchasing REAL ICE CREAM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Cherry Vanilla Frozen Dairy Dessert.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Breyers Pros: Natural vanilla cherry ice cream.

Breyers Cons: Fake p, Corn syrup in natural ice crean, Breyers soupy gum, Misleading packaging, Did not taste right.

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Blah Blah.. They don't make a quality version of your favorite flavor?

Is that what you are complaining about? What else is new?


If it doesn't say ice cream it isn't ice cream ! Why complain when the containers clearly state that it is frozen dessert ? If you want Breyer's ice cream then that's what you need to buy.