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Just purchased a carton of Breyers Cherry Vanilla (ICE CREAM) or what I thought was (ICE CREAM). Upon arriving home and scooping out a number of servings to friends at a Movie Night I was horrified at the taste and quality of the product. Further investigation of product packaging revealed it is NOT EVEN ICE CREAM now called "frozen dairy dessert" Also All Natural is no longer on the packaging. Quality since 1866 however is still on the packaging. That is a complete misnomer if not an outright lie!

Next I took a look at the ingredients...and noted many CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS that were NEVER in BREYERS USED TO BE QUALITY ICE CREAM SINCE 1866.

Here are a list of the likely unhealthful and unappetizing ingredients CORN SYRUP, WHEY, MONO and DIGLYCERIDES, CAROB BEAN GUM, GUAR GUM, CARRAGEENAN, TARA GUM!

Recalling the brands past ad campaigns "NO UNPRONOUNCABLE INGREDIENTS" where kids would try an read the ingredient label of a competing ICE CREAM and then BRYERS whose ingredients consisted of MILK, CREAM, PURE CANE SUGAR etc. Was easy for the children to read!

Breyers now contains all the same ingredients as the INEXPENSIVE COMPETITORS low quality, and low taste product!

In addition the company changed the size which has mysteriously been reduced by 25% to only 1.5 Quarts instead of 2 Quarts or the original HALF GALLON but the price has not been decreased. Too bad Breyers did not advertise that they would be selling you much less product for the same PREMIUM ICE CREAM PRICE!

It is a very sad day when you can not trust a brand that has been in business for over 140 years.

Seriously people, the consistency is now like frozen Flavored Cool Whip with its whipped TUB MARGERINE texture. Breyers is obviously selling more fluff and I suspect the product is now whipped full of air so you get even less product. It would be very interesting indeed to place the 1.5 Quart package of the NEW Breyers inside a vacuum chamber and see how the volume would decrease once all the infused air was removed. Have you noticed how light the package is compared to the original product even compensating for the missing 25% product in a package disguised to look like the original 2 Quart package.

Perhaps the CEO of UNILEVER (Breyres parent company) should be forced to consume his own FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT and then maybe they would go back to the original QUALITY product! Doubtful though, the CEO probably consumes Haagen Daaz or Ben and Jerrys!

Sadly this is just one of many products that are now merely a shadow of their once former EXCELLENT QUALITY and it's still priced at a PREMIUM.

I have not really lost anything as I will be returning this toxic waste tasting product to the retailer tomorrow. I have no intention of purchasing any Breyers product in the future unless they place a campaign like COKE stating they are going back to the original formula.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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90% of people who get Breyers think they're buying ice cream. In my area, both products are in the exact same package, they're randomly mixed with each other in the freezer case, they're priced the same, and even the shelf label says "Breyers xxx Ice Cream" for both.

The only difference is one small line which blends into the background. The supermarket ad for "Breyers Ice Cream" includes the FDD garbage.

Don't assume that everyone is as ignorant as you apparently are.


Again a fool purchases dairy desert and not ice cream. Put your glasses on and see what you are buying.

Breyers still makes ice cream and dairy desert for those who must be careful of what they eat.

Apparantly your a too dumb to differentiate between ice cream and dairy desert! :( :( :( :( :( :(