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I noticed a few years ago that my once-favorite ice cream did not taste the same (worse). The texture was odd, and the taste was much different.

I can also recall my stomach being upset after I ate it to the point that I thought that I had become lactose-intolerant, which did not make sense because I was still able to consume milk and cheese without issue. I was an infrequent buyer of this item already, but I decided to try it again about 2 weeks ago. I could not even have 2 spoonfuls when I decided to find out what happened. Lo and behold, I discovered that for many of Breyers products (including the Oreo) flavor, that it is no longer "ice cream" but "frozen dairy dessert".

I'm going to assume that "frozen dairy dessert" is code for chemical-based, GMO, tomfoolery fake ice cream. Pity. Another penny-wise and pound foolish decision by a corporate entity that kneels at the altar of capitalism, and consumers be damned. I'm sure Breyers will explain this greedy decision as "We're giving the consumers what they want", but I am unmoved and unimpressed by such Orwellian tactics.

Breyers is hoping that the generation of people who remember how things used to be will soon hush up, so that the next generation will consume this nonsense because they don't know the difference (and what real ice cream tastes like). I will never buy Breyer's Oreo again. I'm not a die-hard ice cream fanatic, but when I do consume this product, I would prefer to have real ice cream, and not an experiment.

Even the Walmart generic Oreo flavor is still ice cream, and tastes like what the Breyers Oreo used to be. Such a pity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Oreo Cookies And Cream Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: None. I am no longer a customer..

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