Peoria, Illinois

taste and texture not near as good as it use to be. your ice cream shouldnt have tara gum in it.

you justify it just because tara gum is a natural ingrediant. so is horse *** but it doesnt belong in ice cream. breyers use to stand out as truly all natural with no gums unlike all other ice creams at the time. now i dont consider your brand premium or all natural anymore.

you sold out for profit over a quality product.quanity over quality.i cant believe you pay people to screw with a excellent product . like coke when they tried to change their original formula.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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I used to eat a half gallon at a time of Breyers all Natural Butter Almond. SUCK!

Taste and texture is like ***. A few years ago I called the toll free number and asked why they started putting GUM in their ice cream. I was told that they were having trouble transporting it. The ice cream would thaw a little and then refreeze causing ice to form.

That's total ***! Mr. Breyer didn't have any trouble in 1866 transporting his ALL NATURAL ice cream with a horse and buggy and an ice block to keep it cold.

Mr. Breyer would be embarrassed to sell such an inferior product.


I do not eat ice cream often, but when I do it's only breyers, now I can't even eat that, I was scooping into my bowl and one scoop accidentally

Went in the sink, I left it there, but it never melted by the next day, even the taste was not the same. Well I don't eat ice cream often , I will never eat it again


Turkey Hill All Natural. It's awesome! :)


You probably bought the Bryers cool desert and it is not ice cream. Package looks the same but rwead it carefully and you will see it is not ice cream.