Fort Myers, Florida
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I loved you coffee ice cream an bought a container per month...... NO MORE! I hate the new bolder flavor.

It terrible. Why did you change a great thing???

It too strong.... I miss the soft coffee flavor, this new bolder flavor tastes like a super strong cup of coffee.

This new taste is bitter, leave a nasty after taste in my mouth and gave me a stomach ach. You Ruined my favorite ice cream dessert! You should consider returning to the old flavor. Sometimes new isn't better, sometimes it just a bad change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Coffee Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Change of ice cream flavoe.

Breyers Pros: Old formula, Coffee.

Breyers Cons: New coffee flavor.

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Yes it's awful... used to be my favorite ice cream


I absolutely agree. This Columbian coffee ice cream is so bitter we even tried chocolate syrup and nothing cuts the bitterness.

No thanks Breyers. Horrible.


I agree completely. I loved breyers coffee ice cream for decades and then they went a changed the taste.

Yuck! I am happy to say i finally just found another manufacturer that makes a coffee flavor that is very similar to the original breyers.

It is The Fresh Market's coffee Old Fashioned Ice Cream in the yellow carton. I'm in trouble now - cant stop eating it!

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