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I have been a long time fan of breyers ice cream. im tossed between them and edys as to which one is my favorite brand.

But then something dreadful happened. I bought a pint of what i thought was ice cream. when i opened it and put my spoon in it i noticed that the spoon just glided through the ice cream. for all you "real" ice cream fans, you know that when you first take the ice cream out the freezer, it is a bit difficult taking out the first couple of scoops.

however, in this case, it was as if the pint had been sitting out the freezer for quite some time. But whatever, didnt really give a $h@! at the time, just wanted some deliciousness. But then i took my first ***.

It was absolutely horrible. Utterly disgusting if what your expecting was creamy greatness. I thought i was going crazy and then i looked carefully at the product and it said "Frozen Dairy Desert." After some research i found out the "frozen dairy desert" is actually not ice cream but something else. Now I dont care what breyers does.

If they want to sell that *** because it is probably cheaper for them to make and they generate more profits, than thats fine with me. But dont mascerade the product as your ice cream when it is not. Thats false advertising. The product looks exactly the same as their ice cream products with the exception of the little wording on the bottom, where the real deal is labeled,"ice cream", and the imposter is labeled, "Frozen dairy desert".

If your gonna continue selling that garbage then please at least differentiate the two products so that people who are looking for ice cream dont get dooped into buying that ***. thats all im saying. they are really trying to trick their consumers into buying that garbage and accepting it for ice cream when it is not.

At least one problem of mine was solved through this whole situation. Edys is my favorite ice cream brand because they havent tried to trick me into buying garbage using their brand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert.

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Same thing happened to me. Bought what I thought was my favorite cherry vanilla - utter garbage.

It was like pink bubble gum. There is no longer enough milk fats in it to legally call it ice cream. I'm sad - I loved it but I will never buy their "frozen dairy dessert" again.

I even dumped it in my sink and the following morning it hadn't melted - it was like a light block of foam!!!