Makawao, Hawaii
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The aftertaste of the blast products stays with you for days. Remember how *** the original fake-fat potato chips were…inedible, artificial, synthetic grease-coated flakes of poo.

Blasts are like that. The full array of glamorous candy and cookie blends are one disappoint after another little bits of candy and sugar floating in a bed of flaccid semi-frozen snot foam. The first day I was convinced it was ice cream until I put it in my mouth…then everything was wrong. It never freezes…everything else in my freezer is rock solid…this stuff can only make it to slightly stiffened goo.

It's light, insubstantial, hollow, sticky and upsetting. It has no relationship to ice cream. My cat won't even lick it. People who thought they were buying ice cream won't make this mistake twice.

The very thought of this product makes my stomach queazy…I can taste that funny off taste of something from a laboratory not a kitchen.

It make freeze dried NASA ice cream that they used to sell in prepper stores somewhat desirable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Tastes like frozen sadness.

Breyers Cons: Blasted my stomach.

  • Yucky
  • Teflon
  • Unnatural
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I was worried that my less than 1 year-old deep freezer was going bad because Breyer's so-called ice cream was that soft! Thanks for confirming it is the sad product and not my freezer!

It was a fresh carton and I felt the flavor was "off" too.

Not good. I'm out.


This is the funniest review I ever read on this useless website.

Thank you!