Rochester, New York
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Found a Mouth full of "hard" bits from Chocalate ice cream. Took out the bits and they are clear hard sharp bits that looks like glass.

They do not melt or indent. I wonder if a glass bulb broke over the vat. Tried to call the number on the side of the carton but only got an automated machine. The Number on the carton is 7756725225 bought at Sullivans grocery store Northern Illinois (Winnebago) on June 2nd, 2012.

Beware of Breyers it seems their quality and sanitation are very low.

The do not use All Natural ingrediants but "All Hazardous" ingrediants.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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I too had a substantial piece of glass in my No Sugar added Breyers I've Cream.

All very nice, but, a little dismissive. Never actually saying, couldn't be, must have happened, magically, elsewhere.


UPDATE: Glass found in Breyers Ice cream: Lois of Unilever left a message on my telephone saying the foreign matter was not glass but “Ice Crystals”. She was able to melt them in hot water.

I wonder how these Ice Crystals could not melt in my 98.6F mouth, Survive ambient temperature of 75-80F for 2 weeks on my shelf and endure the hot transport to Unilever without melting. I was provided with coupons for Mangum Ice cream and Good humor which contain: PGPR (EMULSIFIER), SOY LECITHIN, CORN SYRUP, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, MODIFIED CORN STARCH. MONO & DIGLYCERIDES (EMULSIFIER, SOYBEAN OIL, SODIUM CITRATE, POTASSIUM SORBATE. Why would Unilever send a Breyers “Natural” ingredients person this garbage.

I don’t think Unilever understands its customer base. I have had enough and have started to make my own custard ice cream made with whole milk, sugar, and cream.