Saint Catharines, Ontario
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To Who It May Concern, i am a loyal fan of your ice-cream and i had bought Breyers ice-cream just prior to Christmas and to my dismay , i was eating some , felt something hard in my mouth,i had pulled out to what looks like a piece of metal, there was 2 pices that i had almost ate. I also thought that possibly my 2 teeth had been chipped.

i still have those pieces to which i would gladly submit to u . i would also like this mater to be looked into .as it could of been my 3 yr grandson who easily could have swallowed, looking forward to hearing from u;s Sincerely Darlene mMassingham

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Really? The poor woman got a piece of metal in her food, and you suggest that she should take an English class before complaining.

We are not all so fortunate in life. Surely, you can forgive her.


Hello , thank-u 4 ur support


Dear grammar police,

My sentiments exactly!


Why are you posting this? Send it to Breyers.


it's eaten not ate try getting educated before posting

@ Poor language

To poor language:

While the above is riddled with grammatical errors, you should always make sure yours is correct when offering suggestions. Your sentence should read:

"It's "eaten" not "ate; try getting AN education before posting"

Also a please wouldn't have killed you.


The Grammar Police