Miami, Florida
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I was eating some Breyers Ice Cream and bit down on something hard. It was a shard of glass and very sharp on both ends.

I have not yet contacted the company, doubting they will do anything about it. This notice is to to say: be careful! The specific product was called Breyers Blast - Malted Milk Balls. If I had swallowed this shard, I wouldn't be able to write this notice today!

Other complaints on line indicate Breyers is not particularly sensitive to customer complaints, even about *glass* in their products.

Advice from anyone? Please?

John E., in Miami, Florida

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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It happened to a friend of mine on Saturday, she had bought Rocky Road. The store refused to take it off the shelf, they told her to call Breyers, who said they would call her back today.


I just had the same thing happen to me last night something has to be done about this


This happened last night to is in the 2 in 1 Reese's Ice cream, we contacted the company


get an attorney...this happened to a co-worker I know. He got a large settlement of half a million.


You may be right - but,,, it's been six years now since it happened. And...

biggest problem of all re: litigation? I didn't swallow it, nor did I have superficial cuts of any kind. Pure luck. But - if it ever happens again, oh yeah -- got my atty.

on speed dial! Be careful out there friends... this is just one area of life - a nice area with a fun product we've all enjoyed since childhood. Every week, I hear about some "recall" or other...

grim stuff. --John


I found some glass in my Breyers Heath icecream today.


I’m kinda afraid to eat ice cream. I was eating and found something on my finger, it could have been glass or some kind of salt.

I’m not sure. But it’s still be terrible if I were to swallow glass!



So far, there have not been any accounts of *crushed* glass -- all the incidents until now (including mine) involved

shards of glass that could be - ice. However when spitting out these shards - it is not ice.

The "salt" consistency you experienced is very strange.

You did the right things by NOT consuming

any of it.

Bottom line: BEWARE -- tell friends. John E.


I found a shard of sharp glass just now in my Carmel vanilla ice cream so I looked it up and found this that’s crazy I can’t beleive so many others have found glass also! They need to recall the ice cream or investigate cause the peace I found was super sharp and could’ve killed me if I swallowed it

@Jessica shores

It is amazing the problem has been allowed to continue for this length of time. I checked the records here at

Pissed Consumer:

I first published my complaint about glass-- 6 YEARS AGO!

Many, many others have added to the complaints since then.

Plus - another factor to keep in mind - most people do not write in and alert people.

How many others have found the same dangerous problem - and just let it go in silence?

Thank you for sharing your experience - so glad you are OK and did *not* swallow! John E., Miami Florida


I found glass in my Tillamook ice cream! They sent me free ice cream coupons lol.

The flavor was Banana Split.

Yeah, split your lip, tongue or intestines it should be called! I'll let you know but I'm getting a lawyer.


I am glad I saw your post as I bought Tillamook ice cream and had chocolate syrup on it. I bit down on something, spit it out and took it to a pawn shop and the jeweler looked at it and said it was s piece of tempered glass. how does glass get in ice cream?



The 'glass shard' problem continues, alas. One caution, when notifying the company, be sure which one it is.

There is (original complaint) Breyers, and there is (here, recently) Dreyers.

Two completely different companies.

It is strange that two well known ice cream companies with very similar names both have problems with glass shards. Both have been in business for a very long time.

For history buffs, Breyers came first back in 1886.

Dreyers began in 1928. Keep the shards. Keep the remaining ice cream in the freezer.

If any proof is ever demanded, you'll need everything you can turn over. and...

notify us here! Be careful everyone...


I was eating Dreyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream while babysitting my two little cousins . I bit down on what I thought was a chocolate chip.

I was shocked when I felt a sharp pain in my tooth and heard a loud crack, so I immediately spit it out. I saw three little glass shards in my hand.

This has never happened before today. I have yet to contact Dreyer's.


Same thing happened to me today


Despite the ongoing problem - it's been years now since I posted the original message

about glass shards... it still continues to happen.

Keep the shard(s) and wrap it carefully. Let the company know and send any replies/results here.

It's a particularly dangerous problem as there would be no glass involved in the making of nor the packaging of ice cream.

The really serious aspect of this is: it can, initially, feel like a tiny sliver of ice. (Fairly common).

Somebody, eventually (or already!) will swallow without realizing it is NOT ice.

Keep us all posted. Be careful!


I just bit down into pieces of white glass in breyer Reese ice cream. I called their report line and was told someone would contact me on Tuesday january 31st.


I'm glad they have an active Complaint Department now. See that they do contact you on January 31st.

Whatever happens, Post here.

This thread has been going for several years now and people do get notified when any new *glass shard* incidents arrives. Thanks for posting - and BE CAREFUL!


Disappointed, Hi, I'm glad you did go ahead and contact the company. When you get their reply back (assuming you do) - please post it here.

I began this Breyers complaint thread some years back and it is still an ongoing problem. I haven't had Breyers since my glass incident. To any having had this experience - KEEP EVERYTHING. Wrap any shards carefully and tuck them safely away.


This site is doing a great service. They have also tightened up their own rules since all this began. "Back in the day" - if you wrote in and complained, many "mystery" people would show up to demean and insult you. (Hired by -- Guess Who?) But that has now been stopped.

So kudos to Pissed Consumer.

Good job amigos!


I found two shards of what appears to be glass today in the French vanilla. I've contacted the company to report it.

I was asked to keep the glass and the remaining ice cream and they will be in touch with me during the week.