Tampa, Florida

I can't believe Breyer's let Unilever purchase them out and turn what used to be great Ice Cream into to artificially flavored AIR FOAM. It used to be that you could savor the frsh milk, good sugar and chunky pieces of fruit in their ice cream.

Now they have inserted all kinds of foreign ingredients like wired gums that make you go straight the bathroom after eating. If you change the product please change the name.

Please boycott the profit mongering bastards before every kid in american has to suffer through a bowl of this funky product. Geez.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Unilever destroyed this brand. What ever happened to "cream, sugar, vanilla"?

Now it's no different from any other *** brand.

Our entire life Breyers was the best, the one and only, now it's gone. Bean counters are evil incarnate.


Please don't feed ice cream to your dog. It will make them sick.


Corn syrup in my Breyer's? I'm done with them...


Bought a pint of Breyer's Butter Pecan and a different flavor of Ben & Jerry's at a gas station for a family treat. I couldn't believe how much air is whipped into the Breyers - spoon sunk to the bottom of the frozen container with minimal effort.

I had to dig at the B&Js and after a good serving, there's still 3/4 left - the Breyer's was gone in only 2 modest servings. I checked the weight label and saw that Breyer's label claim is 224g compared to 424g for the B&Js in the same pint - that's 48% less weight at about the same price! I was pissed when Breyer's went pulled the 1.75 Qt stunt (switched to Publix Premium) but now I'm really pissed. I work in food & beverage and can't believe that companies think this will lead to long-term profitability.

They've now lost my $$ as a consumer.

B&J or another quality producer will get my money from now on. :(