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Opened the package to scoop ice cream for myself and my daughter only to discover that there weren't any chocolate chips in the mint chip ice cream. The code numbers on the carton are: 47-235-02-26 Dec2318EU1 We were very disappointed because it was very hot outside (92 degrees) and we were looking forward to enjoying a scoop of one of our favorite flavors.

I have included the product code and date on the carton so this batch of ice cream can be checked.

The ice cream had a minty taste but the chocolate chips were missing. If I wanted just plain old mint ice cream I would have found one (maybe not Breyers) and bought that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Bought 2 cartons within a 1 week period and no chocolate chips, just mint flavored ice cream. Have been getting this ice cream for years.

At the cost of 5.69 a carton thats over 10.00 wasted on a product that doesnt deliver what it says.

Whats going on with Breyers??? Both cartons came from Food City in Clinton TN.


Yes this is getting sickening. I live in Warwick R.I.

and do my shopping at Stop & shop in Meadowbrook shopping plaza, Warwick Ave. Today 10-28-2019 was my 4th ( YES FOURTH ) time opening a mint chocolate chip container and having NO CHIPS. But what's even more unbelievable is this has been less than 5 weeks that we have got all 4 The first one, had what amounted to plain Vanilla ice cream because if it was M.C.C it certainly had no flavoring. What's *** me off the most is, is that we having been going through a container of M.C.C every other day for about three years, so it's sad we now have to abandon Breyers.

I guess Stop & shop must get a good deal on these. This one I'm taking back in a few minutes.


Same thing happened to me today. Ridiculous


Same thing happened to me. Not a single chip in the whole container. Super disappointed


Same thing just happened to me, scooped some out for my daughter and no Chocolate Chips! A bit of a joke really, if an ice cream company can't make what the packaging says they should get out of the business.


This exact same thing has happened to me. We buy slot of mint chic chip ice cream so I kept track.

Our issue was 1/2 of container had chic bits 1/2 had none.

For 6 containers from 3 diff stores, were all the same. Half container was just white ice cream

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