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I was sitting down tonight enjoying a bowl of Breyer's ice cream, Reese's Blast to be exact. I was chomping on the bits of chocolate cups with my front teeth, when I bit into something hard.

I spit out a small piece of black plastic into my hand. Not sure where this came from, as I used a large metal spoon to dish out the ice cream. I also checked our ice cream scoop to make sure nothing was broken on it, as my son or girlfriend may have used it to dish out their ice cream.

Nothing on the scoop is broken or missing. Not quite sure where to go from here, as I am dissatisfied with my experience...not looking to sue or anything like that...just would like an explanation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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Found three small glass pieces smh

Asheboro, North Carolina, United States #1312259

Just found 4 clear plastic or glass objects in my "birthday celebration" ice cream! Apparently this is a problem Breyers thought would go away. What do you guys think about class action??


I just sat down with a new bryers ice cream and I just bit into hard plastic and broke my tooth I'm in shock I've never had anything like this happen so I looked up bryers and found this site I don't know what to do


Having problems with Gelato buckets. I have called three times as the lids are broken and or cracked un the tamper seal.


I just had the same thing happen to me eating Breyers Rasberry Cheesecake Gelato. Black and white strings of plastic about .5 to 1 inch long on April 19.

I plan to contact them per the post below.

I've bought 4 containers of their Gelato products this week.

to Techlady 33 #810010

Wife and I just had the same thing happen in the triple chocolate Gelato except our piece plastic with .25 x 1.25 inches green plastic with white arrows. Looks like pull strip or something from ingredients.

Called Unilever product safety number and they took a report and we're very pleasant about the whole thing. We'll see what comes of it.


I found a piece of black plastic in my cookie dough ice cream on Thursday Jan 17th but didn't call them the following day as I had my wisdom teeth removed. Today I was back to eating the ice cream (not the chocolate) :( and voila!!

another piece of plastic. I had forgotten about the first piece and now I have 2 pieces to provide them with and the containers not even empty.

I mistook the plastic for chocolate chips as it was the same colour. I too have pics and they look identical.

to S23mac #1514874

Exactly the same for me. Look like gear pieces.


I can get a syringe and put it next to a tube of ice cream but that does not mean it was in there. If that piece of plastic was really in the container it would not be that clean. Nice try though.

to Jedi Knight Ethan Topeka, Kansas, United States #951872

The original poster did say it was in his mouth. Im pretty sure most of us would have cleaned it up to see what it was. It doesnt have to be dirty to exist.

to Jedi Knight Ethan Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #1240193

Their are lots of people complaining about finding small plastic bits in their ice cream recently...im sure not all are on the level, but with so many reporting it, something has to be going on..even though this is an old post


Dont mind the plastic that is one of the ingredients in the 'natural flavors'.


The same thing happened to me just now only this was Breyers chocolate ice cream! WTH?! Do you have a pic of what the piece of plastic looked like?

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