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I have cherished Breyers ice cream for 50 years plus. Upon my return from several years in the pHilippines however, I found that they have sold out and are sticking cheap garbage gums in their ice cream.

As a kid-the breyers ice cream was what we were allowed to pick on our big day-i always loved how unlike other ice creams it melted to a clean milky cold cream-not like the other scummy or foamy tasting crap. Now i have tried several of theirs and I HATE THEM -their ice cream-how is it different? how is it Breyers? The founders would be ASHAMED OF them!!!

I will never buy their garbage till they go back to the old simple, natural formulas. Shame on them...they broke my heart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We have been fans of Bryers Ice Cream for ever our kids loved it they are all grown now with kids of their own .. we all have the same problem now with Bryers ))-; it’s flavor isn’t there, it’s soft an melts in minutes when you put it back in freezer an get out later it has ice crystals in it ....what happened ??

We WILL NO LONGER BUY.... Private Slection Has Taken Your Place

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