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I grew up eating ONLY Breyers ice cream...Brewers Pledge of Purity on the side of every carton. Only pure ingredients.

There was nothing in this world that tasted better than Vanilla Fudge Twirl or Butter Almond. Quite simply, Unilever bought and then killed the brand. They were never interested in continuing the tradition and expanding it. Their only desire was to buy the name and reputation that was built over many years and do a bait and switch to cheap, imitation gunk.

By law, they can't even call it "Ice Cream" anymore, because it's not! "Frozen Dairy Dessert"?

Yuck! Bye bye Brewers...I knew you when.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Brewers ice cream worst ever! Pecan-less *** butter pecan yet again...guess I'm done...eating it for 40 years....

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