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The chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream has a sour taste to it even though the expiration date is in a year and three months. Not sure who could enjoy that taste.

The cookie dough tastes fine. I'll probably just pick those out and eat. There is no bad smell to the ice cream and it looks fine. Just the taste is for sure bad.

I thought maybe it was the after taste of my dinner for the first few bites, but realized it was not going away. Didn't even finish my bowl off. If anyone wants the rest let me know. But like I said earlier, I may pick out the cookie dough pieces.

I've also seen other reviews with the same complaint so this isn't just a bad batch, but all the product. Won't be buying that again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This ice cream tastes terrible. Not at all like the breyers I ha sent come to love! So disappointed!!!


I must of gotten the same batch or sour *** cookie dough. Honestly, my wife and I never get ice cream, and today we had a long month and for whatever reason wanted to treat ourselves to some cookie dough ice cream.

What a mistake that was... and now we come back to our apartment and there is no parking left... #Firstworldproblems.

#mywifechoseeit Taste like chemicals were poured into a batch, or a rat crawled into the dough and died. I always finish my plates, but not this, never this.


Still sour. gross.


Same experience. Inedible.


Wow I thought I was crazy until I fixed a bowl and offered to my candy loving son and he told me he didn’t finish his the night before! It’s spoiled and I’m pissed!

I hate spoiled milk and this cookie dough ice cream is spoiled!

I will contact the company tomorrow! Ruined my 4th of July dessert!


Yup just bought a batch from publix i thought the same thing with the dinner but come to find out the cookie dough breyers tastes horrible May 23 2018 it has a horrible sour taste


Add me and my daughter to the list of folks nauseated by the horrid, weird, soured taste of the cookie dough ice cream!Seriously, something is WRONG with this stuff. We threw the whole container away. GROSS!!


I just ate some chocolate chip cookie dough and got on here to see if I was the only one! Every bite of that cookie dough tasted like chemicals!

How can a company have such a poor product out for people to consume??!! Now I'm worried about getting sick!


Nothing is the same anymore.I pity the younger generation.


I recently bought some of Breyers Snicker Bar ice cream and it seemed to have a sour taste as well. It is not the ice cream itself but the chocolate and/or the nuts in the ice cream. I can't really tell considering the nuts or covered in the chocolate.I, like others, find this site and this complaint by going on the net to see if there were any others.


Breyers snicker and cookie dough tastes like s@*#. How do these products pass their quality control standards?

Unless the standards are just above Crap! Good job Breyers!


I just ate some breyers vanilla and it was a week old and it was sour. Tasted like spoiled milk sour.


Came on searching to see if anyone experienced same thing. Tastes very off. Will be contacting them as well.


I just found this googling to see if there were other complaints. Just bought some and very strange tasting.

My kids wouldn’t even eat it. Almost tastes like it was made with sour milk?

I’m calling the company... has to be a bad batch.


Did you get anywhere with your call? I just got off phone with them and they are sending a free coupon, but didn’t care to take the batch or lot info.

They took flavor and expiration date. You would think after saying multiple complaints online within last week on this flavor they would investigate it more for possible recall. They said sometimes temp which stored or mix may have differated. Umm this is multiple states saying same issue.

Mix would be way off. I’m going to look for a way to write in because I felt what I said wasn’t a pressing issue and if it’s sour or a bad batch, they need to recall it!


Not really... they’re sending a free coupon but not sure I want to try another one.

They gave me the same line about possibly mix ratio being off, or very possible the store I bought it from stored it at an incorrect temperature, which I thought was ridiculous! Oh well, I guess I’ll just buy a different brand!


I just googled to see if others thought something was wrong and found your review. I got a carton of cookie dough tonight it tastes awful. Very chemically tasting.


Same here! Had it last night and the dough tasted sour.

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