Bradenton, Florida

Have been buying Breyer's No Added Sugar Butter Pecan. Six months ago I purchased a container of the No Added Sugar Butter Pecan and was sick in a matter of hours.

I returned the ice cream to Publix and got my money back. They asked me if I wanted another Breyer's in it's place and I said NO. I haven't purchased any ice cream for six months and decided to give it another try. I bought the Breyer's No Added Sugar Butter Pecan again and at first I got terrible cramps and major flatulence ( gas ).The next day I had another dish and got terribly sick.

I have had diarrhea and cramps all day and this morning.

When I feel better I am going to take this horrible ice cream back to Publix to get my money refunded. Because this happened to me twice with the same ice cream brand and flavor I was wondering if anyone else was getting sick ??

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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If it’s any ice cream that does it, may be a reaction to trehalose (anti-freezing agent). If milk and cheese are an issue too, may be a mild lactose intolerance.


I got a terrible stomachache and gas from the Breyer’s Low-Carb Vanilla IceCream. I won’t be consuming any of their low-carb products because of this awful side effect.


My friend and I recently ate this and it had the same effect.


I got the lactose free vanilla, well let’s just say I could swear it was a mislabel! I may as well have ate a bucket full of regular ice cream.

The commode has been my best friend tonight. It also was from Publix...


I am dealing with this now! I bought the lactose vanilla on 12/14/18 and i ate it on 15 and 16th.

I have been on the toilet for two day and my *** hurts! Its running through me so fast that it is a funny light green color.

Never again! Ill stick to lactade brand!


Horrible experience with this product. My husband and I thought we had caught a stomach bug..

Horrible stomach pains with diarrhea.. NEVER AGAIN!

Telling everyone I can about this product.. SHAME ON YOU BREYERS!!


You might be interested to know that the Breyer's butter pecan you purchased is NOT ice cream but something called "frozen dairy dessert." If the container says "ice cream" then it is, indeed what we term ice cream. Much of what you buy as ice cream now is called frozen dessert or similar wording.

In other words, it is junk. That being said, you might wish to wander over to a local Kroger store and pick up some of their Private Selection Southern Butter Pecan or their Bourbon butter pecan. It is real ice cream and very good.

Breyer's is not worth the money anymore. Not sure why you would get sick on the Breyer's unless you are allergic to one of the many artificial ingredients they put in that particular product.


yes terrible sick I couldnt believe it even after just a few bites!!!!


Everyone knows that any thing not just sugar free ice cream but anything sugar free will cause major diarrhea... it's not their fault. Stop buying it then


Exactly the same experience. Something really weird in it. Cramps and the runs.


I have had severe stomach pain as well. When I go to bed it feels as if someone is shoving a knife in my stomach.


Oh man. Me currently! I'm tossing the container in the trash in the morning.


Serious diarrhea from eating a small amount of Breyer's Carb Smart ice cream


I had the CarbSmart Chocolate last night, ate just a little more than I should have, and after a few hours, suffered extreme stomach pain. I had to lay in bed and not move around much.

Shame on me because I wanted ice cream so bad I forgot the stomach pain experience with this brand about 5 months ago. Very strange because I consumed this brand regularly for almost a year without any problems and actually enjoyed it.


Sugar alcohols are known to cause gas and diarrhea.


It's the combination of Sorbitol, lactose and fiber.


Back in the 1960's my mother found a rusty nail in a gallon container of bryers ice cream,upon complaining they gave her a years worth of free ice cream....5 children running around her at all times made her a satisfied customer


No, but everyone's system is different... could be you are having a reaction to a sugar substitute in the ice cream?