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Let's just start off by saying I have always loved Breyers ice cream, especially their Oreo icecream.(I will only get Oreo ice cream if it's from Breyers). However recently I bought one and was highly upset with the quality of it.

First off there was barely any Oreos(it was more of a Vanilla icecream than Oreo), second it's was very foamy and melted easily,even after being left in the freezer for two days straight.

I'm am never the type to complain, but I was just not satisfied with this new Ice cream or whatever you want to call it. Hopefully they will fix this problem!

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I am 60 years old and remember as a kid my dad bringing home Breyer's vanilla fudge twirl with the vanilla ice cream made with real vanilla beans and the fudge actually being a dark, bittersweet ice cream (as opposed to the chocolate syrup of lesser ice creams). It was the only ice cream we got besides home made.

Boy did I start having rude awakenings when the non-gummy Breyer's fell in quality seemingly overnight and it became the gummiest "frozen treat" on the market. The flavors became inferior in quality and finally I just stopped getting it because even the plain vanilla was like eating liquid rubber because of all the guar gum, gum carageenan and other emulsifiers/stabilisers/gums. It barely melted at room temperature. What a shame.

It used to be a great product when you were not in the mood for something as rich as the Haagen Daz type ice cream but now Turkey Hill, Edie's and even Walgreen's house brand are superior to Breyer's. When their sales started slipping the last thing they needed to do was opt to produce a low quality, cheaper to manufacture product. I would have paid $7 for a half-gallon for the orignal but now don't buy it at all even if it is the only brand with a flavor I like because it is such an inferior brand, gummy and bizarre it is inedible. What a shame.

Many fond memories were made with birthday cake and Breyer's. It was a family tradition once a week (Breyer's, not birthdays). Every Sunday we had Chinese food. Another night of the week we got Breyer's for dessert.

Now it's Haagen Daz, Ben & Jerry's or Frusen Gladje. People were willing to pay more for Breyer's because it was so much higher in quality than other ice creams of the day (before all the pint sized premium dense ice creams hit the market) so producing inferior quality to save money was not a smart business move. Hope if it isn't already out of business Breyer's will return to its roots and produce quality Vanilla Fudge Twirl, Cherry Vanilla, Butter Pecan and some of its other classic flavors.

Oh well, all good things must come to pass and sadly Breyer's seems to be meeting its demise. Hopefully someone in the company will take the comments that those of us who have purchased their products for over half a century but don't anymore will reflect on that, if it's not already too late.


The quality of Bryer's has taken a nose-dive in recent years. They changed the ingredients and it is not all natural anymore.

Now it's just like any other fake ice cream. I would suggest organic ice cream.


yup its not "ice cream" anymore its "frozen dairy dessert" and it sucks if it says that on the label.