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My family has always been loyal to Breyer's because they had few ingredients, were all natural, and were really good. I remember hearing that they had been bought out and seeing artificial ingredients start to *** in the nutrition info, but I got Breyer's cherry vanilla today and it is inedible.

The texture is slimy and gross and the flavour is not at all what it used to be even a couple years ago.

I looked on the carton and this ice cream is made with all kinds of nasty ***: corn syrup, all kinds of gums and chemicals, etc. I am so disappointed to say I will not be buying Breyer's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Breyers Ice Cream.

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Same thing jkust happened to me. I went to the website to complain and surprise "an unexpected error has occured." which means they are getting so many complaints they disabled the whole thing.

Hint #1.

Fix this **** I ate. I was gagging and it made me naseous.


It was so aweful I thought I was eating Friendly's Ice Cream. I emailed Breyers and they sent me a coupon for another container but I threw it away as it seems Breyers is getting out of the ice cream business and into the Swill business. I will never buy Breyers again and I have been eating it since I was a kid.


Bring back the good Breyer's ice cream that we love. I tried to file a complaint on the Breyer's site and that link is disabled.

I wonder why? Their new concoction of sickening sweet gooeyness is obnoxious. I cannot believe they would mess with perfection.

They were the best and now they are like all the rest. :cry


So are there any true "all natural" ice creams out there anymore? Bad call Bryers, you've lost another loyal customer with the HFCS and all the other artificial junk.


I would get Butter Almond ice cream all the time it was a vanilla ice cream with almond and the ice cream actually had the taste of butter because of the almonds. They use to be crunchy almonds but I got it a few times recently and the almonds were soft and the ice cream as told when I called was vanilla bean because sometimes get this the use that to replace the vanilla.

I would pay the extra because it was all natural and I enjoyed it but just like most things it's lost its will to give a decent product. I called and they offered me a coupon I told them I don't need a coupon to another bad company.


I very much agree with the review and the comments here. Like the reviewer my flavor of choice was cherry vanilla when stocked, when I was at a store that didn't stock it I'd usually pick French vanilla or maybe strawberry.

As "J" pointed out, it's not even ice cream now, it's labelled frozen dairy dessert. Someone correct me if I am misinformed but I don't even think they can legally call it ice cream. There's plenty of cheap generic product out there if I want to buy a parody of ice cream.

As an aside, I also noticed that the carton was 1.4 liters.

Yes, most brands have shrunk their carton from a half gallon to a smaller size.

But most brands have gone down to 1.75 liters or at most 1.5. So not only is Breyers now some generic frozen gunk masquerading as ice cream, it's now also the smallest container out of similar sized brands.


Seriously! The only thing that differentiated Breyer's was that they were all natural and high quality. I just tried their mint chocolate chip again, and it tastes a short step away from the nasty generic stuff that comes with the wooden stick/spoon.

I'm never buying Breyer's again.


I just bought the same garbage from Peapod, which said ICE CREAM in the order but was this junk. Same cherry vanilla flavor on the label but not ice cream, so this the direction that breyers has decided to take.

I will never buy another breyers ice fake dessert again. This stuff tastes bad, is gummy and almost feels like its warm because it has so much air in it there is no feeling of icy cold on your tongue.

Shame on Breyers and I hope your sales plunge and you regret this foolish attempt at ripping people off. :(


I just noticed the same thing with their cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip flavors. They actually called them frozen dairy dessert on the labels instead of ice cream.

They were gross and not worth the premium prices. The kids still liked them but I think I'll buy the cheap brand next birthday party and sadly just not eat any myself.