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We are big big fans of Breyers ice cream. It tastes so much like the real deal of home made churned.

Now it is called dairy dessert and really sucks. Are you not making "Ice Cream" anymore? You are

going to lose a customer for sure. I have to look on each carton to make sure it does not say "dairy dessert".

Is it because of cost issues? Sad. This is not a store issue, it is your company issue.

Can you explain to me the reason for the change. We will have to go to something else for sure.

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When Unilever bought the company they changed the recipe. They added tara gum and carob bean to the "natural line" and the frozen dairy dessert is due to the limited amount of cream by law they cannot call those flavors ice cream.

Unilever bought them in 1993 and changed the recipes in 2006 to save money.

They added the additives to prevent thawing - their excuse.


What are they thinking? I've always loved bryers, and I was really looking forward to it when I got home.

It was totally disgusting!!


Switch to coconut based ice cream, like Lara and Luna's Bliss or even So Delicious. It's not technically "ice cream" either, but it's natural and luscious.


Breyers was the only ice cream my hubby would eat. The last one we got was totally gross and we wondered why.

The ingredient list told us why. We will never, ever, buy Breyers again. I don't know how much money they save when they lose their customers. The size got smaller, the ingredients got cheaper, the price remained the same if not higher.

So, to take matters in our hands we bought an ice cream maker and just make our own now. Yummy.


I accidently bought some Breyers Frozen Dairy Desert. It tasted like the cheap *** that you find in Chinese buffets.

Kinda like frozen corn syrup, disgusting. I'm a hard core sweets eater, but I just couldn't stomach it, went right into the garbage. I now buy TURKEY HILL PHILADELPHIA STYLE, in the black cartons. It tastes just like Breyers, from years ago.

It's even pretty dense & not blown full of air like Breyers today.


extremely disappointed in Bryers, what a way to ruin a former great product. It now taste like any cheap chemical ice cream, but unfortuantely it still is priced at premium. There was a time when it was worth it, not now.


Ditto. Breyers is, and has been off of my list for a long time!

I bought some peach for my mother recently because she didn't like the brand I had in my freezer.

It tasted like chemicals! It was even more repulsive than when I gave it up a couple years ago.

Come on Breyers! Can't you make a good product again?


It tastes like melted marshmallows that were refrozen....


I will never buy Breyers again. It isn't even ice cream.

Look at the label. It's called frozen dairy desert. Did they think we wouldn't notice and still pay $5.99 for it?

I would pay $10 for the real thing but not this whatever it is. :(


put ice cream on our list of things that you can no longer find in a normal grocery store (unless you want this type of quality). another thing we will have to go to whole foods to get. couldn't they just charge a little bit more and keep it the way it was??


I am another 40 year fan of Breyers ice cream who is devastated about the cheapening of their ice cream .... err, Frozen Dairy Dessert.

I bought it exclusively. Now I will never buy it again.


My favorite ice cream in the world -- Breyer's Strawberry -- seems to be a thing of the past. Gone are the bursts of fresh strawberry goodness and the light milkiness I loved.

It's now just a gummy flavorless mess. I am heartbroken and pissed.


Another great brand ruined by cost cutting. Breyers Cherry Vanilla was something my mother used to buy because I loved it and she loved me. Sadly, those are distant memories.


@Where is the real stuff, when you find out, please let me know. I'm desperate for an alternative now, because my lifelong love affair with Breyers has just come to a bitter and disappointing end.


Gees. Now we can't even eat ice cream with out *** in it.

Seriously...wasn't Breyer's just last summer boasting the real deal: cream, sugar, and all natural? Maybe they think all the preservatives and additives have zapped our brain cells. Sad commentary on the state of things.

So who do we turn to and give our ice cream money? Anyone know a mainstream alternative who has 5 or less ingredients of real stuff?


Do you really expect consumers to accept your changes - smaller containers, higher prices and poor quality (dairy desert - are you kidding?)? Your Butter Almond was supernatural which I loved for the past 40 years!!

Now I just threw out my first "1/2 gallon". At this point you are as bad or worse than the cheapest of other brands. What a shame.

You've just lost another customer!!! Your time as the most respected name in ice cream is over!!!!!


Just threw out a new carton of Cherry Vanilla. Taste was off.

Realized it was not "icecream" but "frozen dairy" nastiness. Will not make that mistake again.


Exactly! First, they shrink the container AND raise the price!

WTF? Now they have come out with what they call "slow-churned", which really means, "we've added a bunch of air and you suckers are paying for it" Shame on you Dreyer's or Edy's or whatever name you sell this HFCS *** under.

I use to buy it every week at 2 1/2 gal when it was 1/2 gal or close to it. Never again!


Frozen Dairy Dessert is an ice cream alternative. A very cheap alternative!

Real ice cream has to have a certain percentage of butter fat to legally be called ice cream. Butterfat comes from cream, and whole milk. Dairy dessert has about half of the butter fat than ice cream, making it a lot cheaper to produce.

But it also gives it a less than desired Texture, and makes it turn to ice crystals once you open it and put it back in the freezer. Bottom line, dairy dessert is cheaper.